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Feel Good About Smiling With These Simple Whitening Tips

Whitening your teeth may sometimes be a hassle and costly. There are many ways to whiten teeth.These tips will help you quickly whiten your teeth quickly.

If you are using teeth whitening strips and they are meant to be on for 2 hours, though your gums are starting hurting, make a switch to the strips that only need to be left for 30 minutes. Look for a product that you can apply for less than an hour even if it takes you a few additional weeks to get results.

The chemicals in these latch onto your teeth. The abrasive quality of the toothbrush is what makes sure your teeth sparkling clean.

Watch what you eat after having your teeth whitened. Teeth will be more likely to stain easier when they are whitened. Stay away from dark foods after you’ve had your teeth have been whitened. Coffee is one example of a drink that will soak into your teeth and cause discoloration.

These products will do little more than regular toothpaste for whitening your teeth. Your dentist is a great source of information, so ask him if he can recommend any particular brands.

TIP! A lot of times these will share the same results as regular toothpaste in regards to teeth whitening. Ask your dentist if there is a brand that is more effective than others.

You might experience tooth sensitivity to some whitening of the teeth treatments. It can last for a sign that it is causing damage to your teeth. If this is something that is going on, then consult with your dentist before whitening again. Your dentist can recommend an effective product that won’t damage your teeth.

Coconut Oil

You need proper dental cleanings prior to whitening treatments. Schedule an appointment with your dental hygienist at least every 6 months and book a future appointment each time you attend a cleaning. You might not enjoy going to the dentist, but keep in mind that if you have dental insurance you are likely covered for two free cleanings a year. Don’t let them go to waste!

TIP! Practicing good dental hygiene is the first step towards maintaining white teeth. Get your teeth cleaned professional every six months.

Organic coconut oil is a whitening agent for your teeth. If you use coconut oil as a mouthwash, it can whiten your teeth in about 10 minutes per day. After approximately 10 minutes, spit it out and brush your teeth as usual. You should see results after a week.

Avoid teeth-staining beverages if you’re looking for white and bright. Some of these beverages include coffee, black tea and cola drinks. If you want to avoid staining as you drink these, you should take a sip of water after each sip of the offending beverage.

If you’re really serious about having whiter teeth, your first step should be to stop smoking. The nicotine and smoke that comes off of the burning cigarette can leave you with discolored teeth.


A simple trick for having whiter and brighter teeth their whitest is to drink beverages through a straw. The straw will keep the liquid to come in contact with your teeth. The liquid is forced to go straight down your teeth and into your mouth and throat.

All of these things will stain your teeth to stain a dark brown. If you can’t live without tea or coffee, try drinking them through a straw, use your lips to protect your teeth, and brush your teeth as soon as you finish. The main causes of discolored teeth are tobacco, red wines, and smoking.

The next time you brush your teeth, instead of using toothpaste, try baking soda. A natural substance, baking soda is an excellent teeth whitener. Brush with this remedy gently, as it could irritate your gums.

Try brushing your teeth with some strawberry juice. This is a fairly cheap way for you to whiten your teeth at home.

If you smoke and you’d like whiter teeth, stop. Any successful whitening will be completely reversed if you keep smoking.

Brush your teeth following each meal to keep them from becoming discolored. Lots of foods and drinks contain staining properties. Therefore, immediately cleaning your teeth after consuming meals will prevent stain from sticking on them. This is extremely important when you’re drinking coffee.

TIP! To prevent unsightly staining, you should brush your teeth as soon as you finish eating. A lot of the foods and drinks we consume can stain your teeth, but by brushing immediately after a meal, you can stop stains from setting in.

While not as strong as other methods, they can still be very effective in the prevention and treatment of stains. These products contain a silica abrasive that will not damage your teeth’s enamel.

Chase stain-causing drinks that cause stains with water to help protect your white smile. A glass of water rinse prevents the stain causing drink from setting. You can also try drinking those dark drinks from a straw or lighten your coffee with whole milk.

Believe it or not, strawberries can be used to whiten your teeth. So if you wish to achieve whiter results without the use of harsh chemicals, then look into purchasing some strawberries. Cut a strawberry in half and rub it on your teeth. You can also crush it and brush your teeth with it. For optimal results, the strawberry should sit for several minutes, and then brush thoroughly.

Orange Peel

Use an orange peel’s inner side to get rid of stains off your teeth. You can also mix dried orange peel with finely ground bay leaves to make a paste for your teeth. Make sure to rinse your mouth thoroughly afterwords to remove all the fruit sugar.

To make a homemade whitening toothpaste use peroxide and baking soda mixed in equal parts. Use this mixture with a toothbrush for about five minutes or so. Brush your teeth with a good amount of pressure, but not too hard. Your gums can get irritated if you do it too vigorously.

TIP! Create your own toothpaste with peroxide and baking soda. Brush with the mixture for around five or ten minutes.

Brushing your teeth is a fine protective measure. Why not go ahead and use a toothpaste that will aid in whitening your teeth. There are many different brands, but by doing some research you will find one that matches your needs.

It is highly recommended that you have your teeth whitened before getting wire braces. You will be ecstatic about your new white and improved smile!

If your teeth have deep stains or you need quick results, think about getting a professional whitening treatment at your dentist’s office. Of course having your teeth whitened by a dentist is more expensive than over-the-counter products, but the results are well worth it.

Whiter Teeth

As was stated above, many people think it is difficult, and costs too much money, to get whiter teeth. There are a number of different methods to use to get whiter teeth. There are ways to chose a product without involving your dentist.

Some whitening products utilize a tooth tray. You should make sure that your tooth tray fits tightly to your teeth. If it is too large for your mouth, the chemicals can make too much contact with your gums and cause pain. Stop using the teeth whitening product that caused this to happen regardless of any benefit you may find.