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Have Cats? Don’t Miss Out On This Article!

You need to give a cat the right sort of care. Cats aren’t groomed in the same way that dogs or other pets so they need to be taken care of differently.You have to provide extra attention in making sure they remain clean and looking good. This article will provide some useful tips for everything about cat care.

It is not safe to use dog products for your feline friend. Your cat will have a bad reaction to anything that has been specifically formulated for a dog. One product in particular to pay close attention to is any remedy for fleas and ticks. Flea products that are intended for a dog can kill a cat. You need to separate your pets when you treat them for fleas.

TIP! You may want to have a microchip implanted in your cat. Even cats that live their lives entirely indoors can suddenly escape out a window or door.

Cats like to get into even the tiniest of spaces. A breakaway collar is a good option since it will let go if your cat pulls on too tightly. This can save your cat’s life.

Deter cats from chewing on electrical wires by spraying them with bitter apple. If your cat likes to chew cords, you’ll need to use cord covers to protect your cords. You can do this by bundling them and tucking them in the cardboard rolls that come inside paper towels.

Never let your cat experience frequent boredom. Your cat needs plenty of exercise. Unfortunately, many owners do not realize this important part of ownership. If your cat is bored, it might develop a depression, obsessive compulsive behaviors or ruin some of your furniture. Give them lots of space for exercise and plenty of toys they can play with. If you have an indoor cat, provide a kitty gym for them to climb on or a scratching post.

TIP! Cats spend a ton of time grooming themselves. If your cat has hair that’s long it could get hairballs.

Do not allow your cat to be bored all of the time. Cats need to play and exercise. Bored cats tend to develop emotional and other harmful health conditions. Give them toys and a large number of toys. Indoor cats will appreciate having a structure they can climb on or a dedicated scratching posts.

Your cat probably spends a lot of time grooming. Hairballs are very common in long-haired cats.There are special foods you can buy to try to help combat this problem. Some cat foods are specially formulated to help reduce hairballs, which will help.

Crystals in the urine, an issue many male cats have, can be avoided with the proper food. It is painful for your cat to pass these crystals and the cost to have this treated by a vet is high. Try to find a cat food that has a low level of magnesium. Go over the label carefully. Fish usually has more magnesium than poultry.

Buy Online

You can often find a better deal on your cat’s prescription online rather than buying them from the veterinarian. In some cases you may not be able to buy online, you may not have the choice to purchase meds over the Internet, for instance. But, for routine medications, you will be able to save up to half the price if you buy online.

If you’re thinking about raising an outdoor cat, you should strongly reconsider. This could be harmful and unsafe. They can get fleas, feline AIDS or even leukemia. Additionally, your cat is likely to be injured by cars or other animals. If letting your cat outdoors is important to you, let them out in a safe fenced area.

TIP! Always watch a kitten around small kids. Never leave a pet alone with a child who is any younger than five.

Be considerate of your cat’s ears when traveling. While you may like some good tunes, your pet probably prefers you keep the volume down. To keep your cat calm and collected over the course of your trip, turn off the music or keep the volume low.

Try figuring out why the cat meows at you. After you have lived with your cat for a while, you are sure to figure out its meowing patterns. By listening to your cat, you’ll understand it more.

Cats love to be high up. To keep your cat happy, offer him a spot of his own up high where he can survey his kingdom. You do not need a big cat tree in the living room; simply provide a solid shelf next to a window. Putting a soft cat bed on the shelf can help to add a little comfort.

TIP! Speak with friends and family when you have difficulty with your cat. Although you may feel like you don’t need help, other owners may be able to give you good advice.

Brush your cat on a regular times. This will help stimulate blood flow to their skin. It can also get rid of hair as well. This helps to stop hairballs and also build up in its stomach.

Take your cat for checkups and vaccinations often to make sure he or she is healthy. Your cat needs these periodic checks and parasites.

Is your pet’s scratching post starting to look beat up? Don’t toss it out! This is the condition that cats like the most. Removing the post could cause your cat to look for something else scratch, possibly damaging your furniture.

Litter Box

Try moving your litter box if it’s refusing to use it. Cats feel vulnerable when relieving themselves, so move the litter box somewhere quiet.

Make sure your cats always have identification tags on. This applies even to indoor cats. Cats are naturally curious and a door or window that’s open invites exploration. Your cat’s identification tags should provide your contact info and that of your veterinarian. This is especially true for cats with medical conditions.

TIP! Put a breakaway collar on a cat with an engraved tag. This is also true for indoor cats.

Your cat will look great after a high quality grooming session. With proper care, your cat will enjoy a long and healthy life as your companion. The cat will love any grooming you do. Use all of the tips in this article for a happier cat.